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Yoked sweater, Vogue Knitting (winter issue)

Black lace for a wool skirt

- First try: this one I am not happy with. will probably restart with a thin kidmohair instead. I want a more dainty look than what the kureyon can produce, also I am NOT a big fan of variegated yarns, this was an experiment...

-Second try: Restarted with a thin black mohiar. Much more to my liking! Stole the lace edge from the mohair cardigan in the Vogue winter issue.

Cosy Sweater coat

-A Cabled sweater coat, totally inspired by Anthroplogies "Shooting party". So totally inspired, one could almost call me a copy cat... So far I am very happy with the yarn, it is lovely to knit with.

For this one i started up with casting on 102 st on 7mm circular needles. First 6 rows was a 1x1 rib, followed by approximately 30 cm (54 rows) of stockinette st (first edge stitch always lifted). The following pattern was established:

Continue in pattern using shortend rows, turning at each marker respectively every 4, 4, 8, 8, 10 row.

However, might end up with quite unsuccessfull spacing of the shortned rows. Probably should have chosen every 6, 6, 6, 8, 8 row instead? Well, I'll know for sure when the skirt part is finished and done!

Candle Flame Shawl and Candle Lamb

-Yes, am making two very different versions!

Tree Trunk Sweater

-Not yet happy with the design, but working my way on with a seaweed pattern (Walker, SToKP, p 10). Started out with CO 144 on circular needles and joining, when i had finished almost 25 cm i tried it on and found it too big. Ripped out all but 10 cm and tried some waistshaping with an ordinary 3x3 rib, but still not fully satisfied with the results. Not really sure how to continue...



... and some projects on hold!

Vittadini Sweater

This white sweater with a hood was the very reason i bought the Vittadini pattern book. However I soon realised I was never going to be able to afford the luxury merino/cashemere yarn it was designed for. It would cost me just above 200 US dollars. Not something I could possibly afford. I tried the pattern in a few different yarns since then, but never felt completey happy with the results, thus the sweater was never knitted.The again I found Drops Alpacka wool, which was soft, extremely cheap and found in a range of wonderful colours. I instantly fell in love with the blue and brown, bought the whole stock of the greyish blue and went home and started to knit!


Traditional sweater

This project was started in september 1997. I new it would become a long term project, although maybe not quite how long term it would end upp. The original plan was to have the jumper finished when I graduated as a conservator... Which I did in 2001!

It is a jumper inpired by traditional scandinavian knits. It is not a two-end-knitting (transl. tvåändsstickning), but a similar technique is used, although I only twist the yarn every 3-5th stitch for the floating part on the reverse. Real two-end-knitting is supposed to twist every other stitch, which gives a very firm knit. It is knitted in the round, back i finnished, as is the front all the way up to where the neck opening is planned to be. It started with that I couldn't decided how I wanted the neck opening... I still have not decided, nor have i picked up the knitting needles either ;)

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