Myra's Knitting Gallery


Matching wristlets to the Victorian lace wrap (February 2006)

Well, of course one needs matching wristlets to go with the lace wrap! My pattern for these wristlets can be found here. (Rowan Kid classic, 5.5mm)



Victorian lace wrap (January 2006)

A modified victorian lace wrap from Vouge Knitting. (Grignasco's Tyrol, 6mm)



Pink ruffle wristlets (January 2006)

Pattern from Yll&Tyll. Slightly elongated and flared version , using short rows every now and again... (1-ply wool, 3mm and slightly felted in the machine)



Glittery Plaster Cover (January 2006)

I made my friend Cecilia a funky and glittery plaster cover to keep her plastered foot warm during the chilly winter months! It's knitted from the toe and up. Here's a close up of the cable pattern. (Rauma finull jubileums garn + Drops alpaca, 3.5mm)



Deeba Silk Scarf (October 2005).

My own pattern! Inspired by the Japanese Feather Stitch and Primerose Edging, from Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. The pattern can be found here! (Hamilton Design Deeba Silk, 5mm)




Twisted Hat (September 2005)

(Drops Eskimo, 5.5mm, too small)



19th C Bodice (September 2005)

From a vintage bodice pattern. The pattern can be found here! (Blue sky alpaca silk, 3.5mm)



Candy Cardigan (August 2005)

The candy cardigan from Modified sleeves, longer and with a little flare! (Drops Alpaca, 4mm)



The wedding Shrug (May 2005)

(Habu Textile's Soft Wool Roving, 5mm)



Rowan's Birch Shawl (February 2005)

This shawl was given to my mother as a birthday gift. (Drops Alpaca 4.5mm)



Knitted dog sweater! (January 2005)

My first attempt on knitting a dog sweater for my collegues little white fussy darling.



A couple of wrist warmers! (January 2005)



Knitted and felted flat cap hat (Deccember 2004)

(2-ply wool and a strand of mohair, 3mm)



Linen top (November 2004)

From Sarah Dallas' Vintage knits (Katinka, 4mm)



Cabled Vittadini jumper in Rowan's Kid Silk Haze (December 2004)

A lifetime favourite, soft and warm! (Kid Silk Haze, 4mm)

... and some very old stuff!