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These sections will be continuosly added and edited, as I stumble across new wonderful links and also until find time to add them!

To save myself from insanity (the web costuming community is just too vast) I am, as always, focusing on the German Renaissance. Although I will include some favourites that I can't live without! There is absolutely no reason to redo anyone else's hard work, so for a more complete overview of Medieval and Renaissance web resources do try one of these for example:

A Festive Attyre * The Elizabethean Costuming Page * Eva's Costuming Page.

Web Museums and Artwork online:


Links to Resources on Costuming and Related Topics:

15th-16th C Costuming Reources:


Yahoo Groups

-Where would I be in life without these?


Other related topics

Dress Dairies and German Renaissance Costumers on the web:


Other Favourite Costuming Links:


Other peoples costume pages


Historic Societies and Web communities


Inspiring reenactment societies

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