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Well, more than two years since the last serious update I can now proudly present a new german renaissance dress: 1505, Agnes Breu!


Have started to reorganise the website! Still plentiful of work to do and new things to learn,as i have started to explore frames and CSS ;) But they are not quite behaving consistently, nor as i would like them to.

However, nothing new is added as costtuming has unfortunately been very neglected these past months. Hopefully in a not too distant future this will change? In the meantime I'm knitting...


Added a new Dress Diary: Housebook dress in wool. And a couple more pictures in the Schaube documentation. Also put up a section of my new wooden pattens and a small section of my hose (stockings).


Schaube completed! More updates on clothing and camping later...

... added some images of the Dürer dress and the Swabian dress. Also started a section on the rusty red wool dress. A side project which was never entered as a dress diary, since I was very unhappy with the cut of the skirt part- it does not have enough width in the skirt as I did not have enough fabric... But apart from that issue it turned out quite nice as ordinary everyday wear and it was my first item completely hand sewn!


Short update on the schaube.


Clever girl, me?! Believe it or not, I managed to set up and add a guestbook. Not the prettiest design ever, but not too bad I think. It is however, my first attempt ever at actually looking at or using html-script, everything I've done before has been created in Dreamweaver not even glancing on the code... (which I think I will mostly keep on doing ;)


Found the Babenberger Family tree while searching on REAL, a wonderful new source of severl style combinations and decorations! Am in love with this green embroidered one!! The sections on Early Period Undergarments was edited and more documentation added.

This weekend was also sewing weekend!! Finally managed a major update of several projects. Got a pattern drafted the other night and fitted a toile for a basic housebook dress.

This enabled my to:

Intensely productive weekend, wasn't it?!? So, I've been a good girl, now it's just a matter of some steady sewing...

Other things on the list which needs to be looked into before the end of the month:


Added some wonderfully inspiring links of 15thC reenactment societies...

Although all my own projects have been on hold for almost two months, I have not been lazing about the past weeks. Just recently finished a men's 1390s pourpoint for a friend (completely handsewn in a dark blue wool, lined with linen), one of my better items ever I think! Further, I made a modern evening dress for another friend (bodice based on a 16thC corset, made in pink cashmere wool, lined with pink silk tafeta, skirt in thin grey wool, lined with same silk). Am quite proud of myself! And wrist is not more painful than usual!

Regarding my own projects they are still growing in my head. For a camping event in the end of the summer I plan to complete: two linen hemds, two pairs of wool stockings, one wool (or linen) sleeveless kirtle, one wool housebook dress, a wool schaube and a new improved wulst. Since I really want everything nicely handsewn, I suppose I better get started! Maybe I should start with finishing off my rusty red short sleeved kirtle, which is almost done?


Fixed some broken image links in the artists gallery section, added some more links under Links and Resources, some images from a CD with artwork from the National Gallery of Art (London), and and a photo of the brocade cotehardie worn on its own. Still no time for sewing...


Started on the Links and Resources part. Time consuming work...

I also really want to discourage from attempting to embroider a bodice and a sleeve in less than 7 days while having an ordinary fulltime job. Don't even think about it! You are going to pay for it somehow. After 7h of intense embroidery every evening (read night) during that week. I could not use my left wrist for the next month. And apparantly I still cannot trust it, although I thought it was OK by now. This week at work, almost three months later, I've been mounting some 17th C laces for an exhibition. It was very light sewing indeed, but my wrist has gone awry again... and now it hurts again. It seems like knitting is ok to do, but as soon as I pick up a needle my stupid wrist loudly says: no, put it DOWN! :(


Added my longtime project of blackwork embroidery as a dress dairy to inspire myself to finish it up! And fixed the highlights for the Parzival codex.


Added the highlight images from the German codices, started out some documentation notes on a schaube and a linen hemd for the early period.


Today I found out what index.html are useful for!! After a couple of hours of shuffling files and links, my website can now be reached by just typing

All my thanks and gratitude to Daniel A J, my old friend and never ceasing computer support for everything from microsoft problems, to ethernet connections, to dreamweaver and ftp-servers! How would I cope without such a dearie? I really believe I should also take the chance here and now, to thank him in public for providing me with this grand and spacious webspace of mine (for free). Thus making it possible to share all my digital files! So if you happen enjoy the image files on this site, please send a kind thought to this man and 3rex every now and again!

Just one more problem to solve, how to get my quite nice blackletter font (used for some of the headings) to work on computers lacking that particular font. My computer at work rechose a really ugly font indeed...

Hopefully soon I will have time for some sewing too!


Website is starting to come together. Maybe even I should consider the structure as finished as it will be for now? I suppose it is just up to me to continue all planned projects and research. Might as well announce Myra's Costume Page as officially opened!

...and I really should try to come up with a better name for it, shouldn't I?


Bits and pieces have been added and edited these past days, too many to keep track of. Costume Gallery and Dress Dairy pages are actually starting form up! Just all the image saving, filing and linking left to do, not the most exciting thing in the world... Maybe after the weekend the Costume Page might be ready for a more public viewing ;)


More images in the costume gallery and some dress dairy update! I guess having a costume page might become quite addictive...


The kick of the day! I finally got time to check out in detail, a link a friend sent me quite a while ago. It turned out to be the most amazing site of digitalized german illuminated codices. Highlights concerning german female costume will be added to the documentation and research page, but i think it will take sometime to browse through. I just spent an hour going through two of the codices on the list, resulting in 72 saved image files on my hard drive...


Costume page finally uploaded!


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