Remaking of the 15th C Flemish blue dress

This is how my flemish blue looked like in 1996...


A Martin Shongauer drawing painted in photoshop...

... and I think this is how I want the dress to look!

Why remake it? This is a dress I made many years ago, inspired from an illuminated flemish manuscript. It was worn a couple of times in the mid-90's, but put back into the closet as I never became completely satisfied with the look of it, nor with the fit. When I came across the Medieval Housebook some time ago an idea formed in my head: why not try to redo the Flemish dress into German fashion of the 1480s? And why not make it into a dress dairy project? I certainly had always been tempted to start one... It could be fun, and at least it would give me somewhere to compile all documentation done for the project!

The answer to the question why do this at all, is simply:

  1. I still love the colour and the fabric. It is a cotton satin brocade. Turquoisy tealish blue with a quite large light brown pattern.
  2. It is a real challenge to construct a period dress out of the already cut fabric...

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