Myra's Dress Dairies

Projects in progress! *

Completed Projects *

Some future projects to be...*


Projects in progress!


A Housebook Dress in wool

The remaking of the 15th C. Flemish Blue Dress

View dress dairy from start Why remake it?

Two linen hemds for the early costumes

Blackwork embroidery project, for a future late 16th C hemd


Completed Dress Dairies



Some future projects to be...

Wool Schaube!!

Priority List:

Wish list:

Geen wool dress Kitchen towel headdress!

Anna Cuspinian... Red and gold...

Lovely pleated hemd with gold band decorations


I have never been much for keeping to one project at a time. In particularly not in the planning stages. These projects-to-be have still not been clear enough to upgrade as regular dress dairies. Some of them might never happen... But I thought at least it might be useful, for my own sake, to try and keep notes of documention, thoughts and research. It would definately make it easier for me the day I decided to start out a project! I have listed them below in what could be regarded as some sort of priority order, but things will probably be shifting back and forth as I my mind wonder and get cought in something else...


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