The Blackwork Embroidery Dairy

2004.05.13 Embroidery for a future high necked 16th hemd!

I have decided to upload an old black work embroidery project of mine, which has been laying in my pile of unfinished things for over one and a half years . I hoped a dairy might inspire me to continue working with it and finish it, so I can start make the hemd! I think I am halfway through the neck opening peice. When I started this embroidery I had still not decided to plunge into the German costuming world. I might have chosen a German painting for the pattern if I had. As it is, I will probably be using the finished embroidery for a high necked hemd that will be used for whatever late 16th C costume I happen to make in the future, German, English or Italian... One cannot be too picky sometimes!

I started out with a dark red silk sewing thread on a piece of linen, counting 2 thread for each stitch. Unfortunately I have lost the link to counted thread pattern I have been using. But a good view of the blackwork pattern from the portrait of Jane Seymour, 1537 is found at Tudor Dress Portfolio of Images.


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