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The Image Galleries

This section is a compilation of my digital images, put together side by side to enable studies of different details of the costumes, or different periods or works by different artists. I have chosen to focus on images depicting women in the early German renaissance. For those of you who are exploring the male fashion of the time, of course these artists also presents a massive amount of documentation of pretty German Renaissance men!

Since I am focusing on the documentation of the early period the main sources is mostly drawings, graphic arts and book illuminations. Portraits from the early period in northern Europe is not very extensive, in particular not portraits of women! For the later period, i.e after 1500, there are slightly more portraits of donors and other distinguished people to work from as well as the drawings, sketching studies and graphic arts. The amount of portraits of women produced during this period was also increasing. However, my documentation on the later period will only include some of my favourites or images I believe to be interesting and generally not easily found. For a more complete image gallery of the later periods I strongly recommend Micaela de bruce's galleries on her website The Frazzled Frau!

I have in general chosen images that I believe have some value as a source for German Renaissance costumes, hopefully I will have time someday to note my comments on the images from this aspect... (it is definately on the to-do-list). Until I come around and write description entries of every single image, the file name will have to do as reference of when, by whom and where to find the image source... Abbreviations of artists and sources have been used, see further the artist and reference list below.

The image files are generally named in the following fashion: artist.title_and_dating(source).descriptions.jpg


Costume details in the art.

[this paragraph is going to be under construction for quite a while...]

Sometimes it is useful to study different details of the costume...

Here's a link to a very useful list of German costume terms (from Marion McNealy's Kleider für eine Frau).

Images gathered by period

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... and sometimes it is useful to be able to browse through the images by period and region.


Images sorted by Artists

[Links and info are still under construction. Some links are not correct, some does not work. More images are going to be added and fully filed whenever I can come around to it. Hopefully most of the links will work, and images aren't too large to load on slower connections?]

But until I get the two sections above, up and working, I am afraid this section will have to do!




Discussions and research notes

This section is maybe the hardest to pursue. However my aim is to write down thoughts, comments and questions that comes up when trying to recreate the costumes of the early Renaissance. Nothing is written yet, and I am going to start with a moderate low ambition level. Simply by starting out with shorter notes and comments on different topics, and hopefully as I find the time for it, these notes might be edited into more proper articles and essays...

Some topics I have the idea to address in the (very longtime) future:



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