Schaube in the early period

Examples of Women wearing a shaube

This section is an on-going research on the schaube. I will be adding images and comments as I find them or think of them!

A woman in a red schaube with ermine trimming from the Lohengrin manuscript, attributed to a Stuttgart workshop in the 1470's


Some examples by the Housebook Master. Even one in a patterned brocade, with a convenient lenght! It has a nice and furry collar, is it just the collar, or might it be fully furlined? The last picture in the row appears to show a something like a schaube from the back, with pleating in the centre back.


An engraving by Master ES of what might be a schaube, at least it has a front opening, but can't see any traces of a collar. The second images has a lovely ermine trim along the front edge!


The Schongauer print shows a very sweet and pretty schaube with a small thin furry collar/edge. Not as bulky as many other examples.


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