The Rust Red dress with detachable sleeves, 1470-90s

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Research and Inspiration

Construction and Materials

A very loosely woven wool fabric was used for the dress. It was yellowish brown before I threw it in the dyepot with some different reds. Unfortunately I had very little fabric, so the skirt is not full enough. It desperately needs gores in centre front, back and sides... However, I think it can be used as a very simple working class dress. It was an experiment, and my first handsewn garment! All Seams in the dress in sewn with wool thread, drawn out from the fabric. Seam allowances are folded back and held in place with whip stiches. Eyelets are also sewn with wool thread.

It is short sleeved and can be used with detachable sleeves in a green wool. These are pinned on, here with nice bronze pins.

The neck opening is wide and quite low, leaving front opening quite short. It is meant to worn witha centre gathered hemd with long sleeves.










Shoes and pattens


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