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German Renaissance Costumes for women, 1470-1520 *

Accessories and Under Garments *

An Overview of Costumes from other Periods *

- in the making- German Renaissance Costume for men, c. 1500 *

German Renaissance Costumes for women


1470-1490s, A simple wool dress with detachable sleeves

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1480s, A blue wool Schaube

1490s, The brown velvet embroidered dress

1490s, The Dürer dress

1505, The Agnes Breu dress

1530s, The pink wool Cranach dress

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Accessories and Under Garments

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Hair and braiding






German Renaissance Costume for men, c. 1500


A smocked shirt

Joined hose and a doublet

An Overview of Costumes from other Periods...

Medieval and Renaissance

Most of the costumes below are old and some not very well researched, but they are a part of me! I made them once, but would probably not consider wearing some of them again until they are drastically remade... (exceptions might be the Christine de Pisan dress and the green Italian gamurra?)

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A 13thC dress in a thin burgundy wool. Here worn with just a gold hairnet and a fillet. Click on the image to see it with with a veil.  However I was recently remined  that this kind of head covering should not have a fillet in any other colour than the veil and linen chinband (?), i.e almost always white linen!  And the veil should be worn on top of the coronet... The knotted hairnet in "gold" is at least as OK as it can be! (1998) My very very first medieval dress from the early 90s! A 14th C Spanish dress, although worn with a completely wrong kirtle type... What I still like is the fabric and the colour. Pearl and silver embroidery is OK. Woven wool band quite pretty. The sleeve part needs to be modified and a proper kirtle to be done. Other than that, it is not too bad i think. Oh, the headdress and veil needs to be looked into too! (1992) A christine de Pisan type dress. Outer garment in a silk-cotton tafeta fully lined with linen, bodice part interlined with wool to give better fullness and support. Kirtle in a cotton-poly brocade, lined with wool. (2003) Kirtle/cotehardie in red-goldish brown brocade. Front laced and buttoned along underarm. Lined with dark red wool. Here worn without over garment, with braids and linen viel. (photo bt Vidar 2004) First steps venturing into the 14th C.  Please don't even look at the lacing... (1994) Another one of my very first dresses, although it had a major make-over 8 years ago... Still need to do something about the sleeves, they are still a very temporary solution. (1993 / 1997) A slightly free adaption of a late 15th C flemish dress in orange-red wool. I even added small casted bells on the pointy sleeve cuffs! (1996) The Flemish blue dress which is going to be remade into a German 1480s dress! (1996) A Flemish altar piece gown. Not a costume very proper for every day wear, but maybe as a stage costume for a mystery play!!?! Was indeed very fun to indulge in beading, fringes and golddband embellishments... Sad to say this dress does not excist anymore. I took it apart and made soomething else out of it... (1995)


Some corsetry...

The 18thC corset was made in 1999, for a modern fashion show in Heringsdorf in Germany (Heringsdorf goes fashion). Where I participated with a friend under the label MARULK. We presented a small collection of 16th-19th C retro fashion. This is a shot from the cat walk (and it NOT me on the walk...) Well, still need to make the dress to go with it. I do have the fabric waiting for it! Until a proper photo is taken this will have to do. One evening I could not resist it anymore, I just had to play with the 16th C pink corset, my pointe shoes and some tuille.. of course i dreamed ballerina dreams as well as princess dreams when i was a small small girl!! Can't you tell? (2003)


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