Women's Hose


Research and Inspiration

Construction and Materials


So far I've made two pairs of woolen hose, both cut on the bias. One pair with a center seam under the foot (type I) and one pair has a "sole" part (type II). For these the seam allowance was just whipstiched into place, with out folding in the edges, as the fabric was slightly fulled and did not unwrap itself too much. A waxed dark brown linen thread was used for the brown pair. The green pair was sewn with wool thread drawn from the fabric.


I've also made one pair of hose in white linen (type I), very nice for summer wear! I need to make a few more pairs... For this fabric a false fell seam was used, backstich for the main seam and small running stiches used for the seam allowance. However, as this was one of my first handsewn items it was before I started to use linen thread. So, simply an ordinary white cotton thread was used in this case...

Next step in the hose section is making garters! So far I have just used strips of wool cut on the bias... I'll probably start with braiding a pair. I've also been thinking of trying out a pair in a rather soft leather, with small metal buckles as closures.

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